Mercedes Sprinter (2007)

The first Mercedes Sprinter models were built in 1995, while in 2006 a new generation of the model appeared. The Mercedes Sprinter is one of only a few vehicles that can be driven as much as 800,000 km from the moment of purchase without suffering any serious breakdowns.

That reliability is a key factor in the Sprinter’s popularity among carriers who care for the comfort and safety of their clients. That’s why we’ve also chosen this Mercedes model.


  • Number of seats: 19 (+1)
  • Air-conditioning: YES
  • DVD: YES
  • Fridge: on request

Other features:

  1. A long, panoramic front windscreen
  2. Dark, thermally-insulated, panoramic side windows
  3. Very efficient air-conditioning with individual vents
  4. Heater
  5. Electric doors, ensuring it’s convenient to get into and out of the vehicle
  6. Air suspension
  7. The seats slide along rails so that any configuration is possible

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